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This was a great experience getting my car from Greater Detroit.  The process was easy and the selection of cars was great.  I am pleased with my selection and will definitely recommend others get a car here.

Lorraine P.



Just wanted to drop a note to say that I had a fantastic auction buying experience at Greater Detroit Auto Auctions just this last Saturday, September 24th. My wife and I were looking for a clean year 2000 and up vehicle for her sister, and one with relatively low miles and at a good price. Needless to say, GDAA came through with flying colors, presenting us with a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue GL that matched our criteria perfectly. GDAA goes out of its way to make the auction process fun and enjoyable and the staff there is totally professional, and it's obvious that everyone from the lot people to the auctioneers to the front office staff at GDAA enjoys what they do. They truly made the car buying experience one to look forward to instead of one to dread.  As a retired military officer I also really liked that we all lined up to recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to the start of formal auction activities. It's clear that GDAA supports the brave men and women serving in our military and I, for one, greatly appreciate that fact.

In closing, I'd just like to say that, without a doubt, Greater Detroit Auto Auction is where I'll be buying my own used-but-new-and-nice second car in the next few weeks. Keep up the good work!


Tony G.
Trenton, Michigan



I've recommended GDAA to my family, friends and business associates for years. Why? Incredible value off the block and incredible savings over the life of my vehicles. Here are the actual economics of one of my GDAA vehicles:

  • F150 Mark III Custom purchased in 2005 for $3500.00
  • Average Monthly Repairs and Maintenance since purchase* - $78.44
  • Total monthly cost of ownership since purchase - $128.80 (Compare that to your Lease or Car Note payment!)
  • After 7 1/2 years of use, my F150 was stolen and the Insurance company reimbursed me $1000.00 MORE than I originally paid for my truck in 2005!

So, with insurance claim check in hand, I purchased my third vehicle from GDAA - a Dodge Ram 4x4.

Some folks may be afraid of unknown problems with a vehicle, but even when they exist you still save money buying at GDAA. During the first year I owned the F150, it needed some maintenance that had been sorely neglected, so I did put $1600.00 of repairs into her, about $133.00/month on average. But once these maintenance items were completed, I went three years without any repairs or maintenance being required!

*As a consultant, I keep track of all miles, repairs and maintenance on my vehicles.

Thank you Greater Detroit Auto Auction for assuring that I get the greatest possible value in my vehicles.












"I brought my mother to your auction about 4 years ago, purchased a car and is still very pleased. It is still running and is in great shape. Last year I brought my girlfriend, and she is also pleased. I have been coming there for some time now and really enjoy your auction, because of  the staff being polite, helpful and even the men on the floor who are honest in helping you to pick a good car. I myself had never had a bad experience. I tell everyone about Greater Detroit Auto Auction.  Thank you."

Ms. Harris



Last year me any my three sons “sounds like a TV show” attended a GDAA. My oldest son needed his “first ride”. While he was enamored by several sporty cars Dad (and holder of the $$) was less enthused. We had done our homework and knew which vehicles we were going to bid on.

Finally when a great looking / driving Taurus came buy the bidding began. We had an amount we wanted to spend and the bidding exceeded our budget – son was disappointed but we knew more of our cars were coming. The next vehicle was a super looking / driving mini-van. While son was less enthused we bid and purchased the car which he has driven for +15,000 miles and we have had zero problems. While he occasionally gets kidded about driving a mini van he and Dad are happy with his ride.

Coming back this year for son number two J

Thanks so much!

Harold M.



I am a life time customer of GDAA now.

I have only been there once and purchased a 2000 ford expidition. I love it only paid 2300.00 runs good n drives good. Like any vehicle it needed tlc.  The people their are nice and friendly and helpful. The only thing I would suggest is haveing a deal on certain day of the month for low income families I am a single mom of 5 even 500.00 is a lot.

Thank you so much GDAA. 












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