Frequently Asked Questions



1. How much does it cost to sell my vehicle?

There is a $25.00 entry/slot fee to enter your vehicle in the auction. If the vehicle sells, there is an additional sales fee.  It is a graduated scale with the fees starting at $75 and up, depending on the sales price of the vehicle.

2. When can I bring my vehicle to the auction?

We accept vehicles, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Currently Wednesdays we are CLOSED.

The sooner—the better.  If the vehicle is at our auction by Friday, we will post your vehicle, with a picture, on our website. (


1. How much is required as a deposit when you purchase a vehicle?

You must pay $400.00 ( credit card or money order.....NO CASH accepted) deposit at the auction block when you are the successful bidder. This deposit will hold the vehicle until 5 pm on the second business day.
2. How do I complete the vehicle purchase?

You can proceed to the front office and our friendly staff will give you the amount due on your purchase.  Remember, the successful bid amount DOES NOT include Michigan sales tax, title fee, document fee, buyer’s fee or license plate fees.  The balance can be paid with cashiers checks, certified checks, or money orders. Debit Cards are also accepted with a 3% fee. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED

3. Do I need proof of insurance on the vehicle purchased?

Yes, if you need to purchase license plates, you MUST have insurance on the new vehicle.  Your receipt that you receive at the auction block for your $400.00 deposit will have the vehicle description and the vehicle identification number required to obtain insurance.(Proof of insurance can be faxed to our office.) There is a fee for the license plates as required by the State of Michigan and will be determined by your birthday and type of vehicle purchased. If you have valid license plates that can be transferred to the new vehicle, we will need the registration and license plate.  The fee to transfer license plates is determined by the State of Michigan.